Get to Know: Hayley McLean

Hayley McLean is a Canadian-born writer, multi-instrumentalist, record producer and artist who creates vibrant tracks with thoughtful lyrics. As a self-confessed nerd, McLean is on the forefront of a new breed of pop music emerging from Nashville. McLean, a Fender Guitars endorsee dubbed “The Guitar Goddess,” has played guitar with acclaimed recording artists including Buddy Guy, Maren Morris (“Hero" album), Chad Brownlee and more. She wrote, played, produced and engineered the Texada project in 2016 with the track "All My Life” making its way organically onto both Canadian and U.S. Spotify Viral charts, earning it over 3.4 million streams. In 2018, McLean signed with Kobalt Music, “the music services company of tomorrow, built on transparency and technology.” She can usually be found in her Nashville studio, writing and producing for other artists, creating music for Film and TV, and working on the next release of her Texada project.

At Music Expo Nashville, Hayley will demonstrate, with a live track, how to build a professional sounding recording with limited resources, editing with a basic interface, Wave plugins and basic software synths. Her trial and error process of creative software manipulation is a skill she’s put to work on many projects with award-winning Producers and Engineers.

Q&A with Hayley

MUSIC EXPO: What advice do you have for artists trying to break into the music industry?
HAYLEY: Don’t be disillusioned into believing that someone else holds the key for you. Advice can be great, a solid team is invaluable, a good pub/artist deal is rad, access to nice gear is a bonus…but that’s all secondary. Nothing gives more than hard work and an interminable passion for creating the best music you can.    

MUSIC EXPO: What can we expect to hear from you at Music Expo?
HAYLEY: I am a huge nerd for ear candy in a track. Having been musically brought up producing on a lap top with limited gear, I had to learn how to get creative with basic sounds and plug ins in ProTools in order to bring more life to the songs. What started out as necessity has become something that seems to get me hired, and is my favorite part of the creative process. At Music Expo we’ll be delving in to the editing rabbit hole that can turn a basic sound in to track defining elements using stuff you probably already have, or can affordably get.

MUSIC EXPO: What has been your most memorable experience in music so far?
HAYLEY: I’ve been lucky enough to do music with some seriously talented individuals which as been amazing, but my favorite experiences are pretty micro…the moment when a sound melody or lyric perfectly falls in to place…the thrill of being moved by something you’re involved in creating…I'm always chasing that feeling.

Be sure to join Hayley at Music Expo Nashville on September 22nd. Bring your questions and you may walk away with the answers you need to continue working on your music without access to a full studio or the most expensive gear. Grab your tickets here!

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