Valentina Alvarez


Audio Engineer, Musician and Songwriter
(Daddy Yankee, Luis Fonsi, The Voice)

Valentina Alvarez (1997) is an Audio Engineer, musician and songwriter from Venezuela. Valentina resides in Miami where she's pursuing her greatest two passions, music and electronics. Starting as a musician she has followed that path for 13 years then settled in the recording arts. With around 7 years of experience she is also well versed in editing, mixing, live sound, producing, sound design and film scoring. Her credits include many stablished artists as well as local and upcoming artists, merging her authenticity and her unique blend of old and new school recording techniques to create a new an innovative sound tailored to the needs of every individual artist. She has been working as a freelancer in various engineering projects, recording, editing, mixing and post production sound. She is part of the development of MusicMastermind Academy in Miami, Florida and their online education platform, Musicmastermind.TV 

Noisematch studios

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