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The Art of Production: Don’t Blow It!

Discover the tools, tricks, tips and techniques behind crafting a radio-quality production through overdubbing, layering, and arrangement. GRAMMY®-Nominated Producer, Matt Leigh, will cover topics ranging from selecting the right gear and proper mic placement to signal processing and mixing. Additional emphasis will be placed on working with an artist to construct meaningful and intriguing musical arrangements. Matt will be joined in the studio by Nashville-based folk artist, South For Winter, for all portions of this workshop.

This three part workshop will consist of:

10am-11am String Theory

Learn the art of producing and incorporating traditional folk and orchestral string instruments into an arrangement.

11am-12pm Don’t Blow It!

Woodwind and brass instruments present a number of uncommon technical challenges when recording. Learn the techniques necessary to capture the natural aesthetics of these instruments.

1pm-2pm Sing, Sing, Sing

Capturing a compelling vocal performance is paramount to any great music production. Learn the foundational elements to a great vocal recording.


Studio A / Live Room A