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The Singers Ultimate Challenge: Developing A Vocal Identity In The Studio

As a master when it comes to involving artists in the overall production process, longtime Producer/Engineer Jonell Polansky has empowered numerous artists to develop their unique vocal identity in the studio. With proven and effective techniques to bring out the highest-quality vocal in the studio, including her own - DaCapo Music, which is home to some of the most sought-after vintage gear - Polansky's work has resulted in artists giving their best performances in the studio where there is no audience, and she has helped artists create a vocal sound that is authentic, believable and instantly recognizable. Polansky will share some of her proven techniques and tips on how to develop a vocal vocabulary, the impact of an open studio design on the vocal performance and how to teach artists to take ownership of their music and be part of the decision-making process in the studio. Join Polansky for this incredible and inspiring talk, as she reveals all of the tips and tricks on how to demystify the vocal recording session.

Classroom 3

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