Hayley McLean


Producer and Artist
(Buddy Guy, Maren Morris, Chad Brownlee)

Hayley McLean is a Canadian-born writer, multi-instrumentalist, record producer and artist who creates vibrant tracks with thoughtful lyrics. As a self-confessed nerd, McLean is on the forefront of a new breed of pop music emerging from Nashville. McLean, a Fender Guitars endorsee dubbed “The Guitar Goddess,” has played guitar with acclaimed recording artists including Buddy Guy, Maren Morris (“Hero" album), Chad Brownlee and more. She wrote, played, produced and engineered the Texada project in 2016 with the track "All My Life” making its way organically onto both Canadian and U.S. Spotify Viral charts, earning it over 3.4 million streams. In 2018, McLean signed with Kobalt Music, “the music services company of tomorrow, built on transparency and technology.” She can usually be found in her Nashville studio, writing and producing for other artists, creating music for Film and TV, and working on the next release of her Texada project.