The results are in. Introducing the winners of the 2016 Remix Contest!

After an awesome day of music making mania at Music Expo SF 2016, we ended the day on the perfect note with the announcement of the winner and runners up of this year's global Remix Contest, in association with B-Side Project and international artists Con Brio. As we said when we announced the finalists, competition has never been tougher and the prizes never better.

All of the finalists submitted their own unique twist on the Con Brio track, "No Limits", to be judged by our influential panel. Making the final decision were Loic Maestracci, Founder of Music Expo SF, Yvette Chivers, Founder of B-Side Project, Brian Bonz, Artist Relations, ROLI, Con Brio and renowned Sonic Sculptor, Artist and Producer, Decap. But there could only be three who could take home one of the amazing prize packages up for grabs, which includes a global release of his/her remixed track and a publishing deal!

And this years Remix battle winners are: 


evv'n'flo (dirtyrevival) Feat. Elton Cray, Portland Oregon

Check out evv'n'flo's Remix.

evv'n'flo was at a friend's wedding in Oregon and he couldn't be there to accept his prize, so we went to him. Amy, our MC from SF-EMM, called him in on skype to tell him he bagged the top prize! 

evv'n'flo was born and raised in Portland, OR and has always lived in the city, except for a few influential years in Philadelphia. At a young age, when first pursuing music, he set his mind on becoming a full-time musician. Evan is a producer, guitarist and MC. He scores video, performs as a member of the soul/funk band Dirty Revival, produces beats, and teaches guitar lessons. The majority of his waking hours are spent focused on his craft.

Being a part of  Dirty Revival has become one of the most noteworthy parts of Evan's career. DR has been steadily grinding and working towards creating landmarks that will bring fulfillment to their lives. The band has shared the stage with George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic, Slick Rick, Michael Franti, Gift of Gab, Sir Mix-A-Lot and Nappy Roots, as well as completing several multi-regional tours.

evv'n'flo has recently been awarded 2nd place in the Portland edition of the 'istandard Producer Showcase', is currently producing material for Elton Cray's "Life of Mine Vol.3," and is developing music with DR in preparation for their upcoming tours.

The goal of being a career musician has started to coalesce; the groundwork to a fulfilling pursuit of his art has been built. The excitement continues and we're looking forward to seeing lots of evv'n'flo in the fututre!

evv'n'flo scored the top prize of an exclusive digital global release of his Con Brio remix, along with a publishing deal! Plus over $4,000 worth of gear and prizes from Yamaha, Universal Audio, iZotope, abelton, Coast Mastering, Lauten Audio, Decap and Sound on Sound magazine.

Second Place                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Isaac Weiser, San Francisco                                                                                                                  

Check out Izzy's Remix                                                                                                                          

Izzy Wise is a global music Musician/Producer/DJ from San Francisco, CA. A multi-instrumentalist and long time record collector, Izzy Wise has been bringing global music vibes from the world to the world for 15 years. In San Francisco he is best known for playing bass with the music group LoCura and many other groups, as well as having been a resident at the famous Afrolicious party. He also hosts the global music party, Hi Life, and has been a consistent contributor to BRAZA!, SF's best known Brazilian music party. Most recently, Izzy Wise was on the road for the Heroes Build tour in Tunisa, featuring MC Rai, playing keyboards and computers at successful concerts in Tunis, Gabes, and Tozeur. He makes a point to support musicians with a conscious message and is committed to bringing peace, love, and social justice to the world through music.

Izzy bagged Yamaha Reface, iZotope Ozone 7, FL StudioDrums That Knock Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 by Decap, 1 year subscription Sound on Sound Magazine. 

Third Place

Vvot, Japan

Check out Vvot's Remix.


Vvot is a Bassline and Grime Producer/DJ in Japan. He started his career in 2011 using DAW to make mash-up of chopped SNES sound and electronic dance music. In 2013, he was shocked by freedom of grime that has made SEGA FX and heavy bass into a cold beat. By wobbling synth everyday after that he won a soundclash based on grime called "WardubJP 2014”. Today Vvot is working on production with local/pop rappers.

Vvot took home iZotope Ozone 7, FL Studio, Drums That Knock Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 by Decap and a 1 year subscription Sound on Sound Magazine.

Well done all of you, we can't wait to see what comes next!

We'd like to thank all of those that entered the Music Expo SF Remix Contest this year, you made the decision the toughest yet and it's amazing to see so much love of the craft out there. A big shout out to Amy Lee, our MC from SF-EMM and all of our judges and everyone who made Music Expo SF such an awesome day yesterday! 

Keep on remixing and we'll see you back here next year!