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Part 1: Arranging for Strings - From Song to Session

In this two part workshop, dive deep into the craft behind conceiving a string arrangement. Part one, Nahuel Bronzini (Airship Laboratories) will converse with songwriter/bassist Aaron Gibson and discuss the thoughts and intentions behind one of the songs from his upcoming album (name of the album). Nahuel and Aaron collaborated to come up with a string quartet arrangement that would complement and embrace the identity of the song. Nahuel will demonstrate examples from the demo and we will breakdown the compositional ideas behind the different sections of the song. Part two, Nahuel and Aaron will be joined by The String Quartet Experience ensemble (Kashi Elliot Christina J. Simpson, Joanne de Mars), for an immersive tracking session. to record the arrangement and discuss the dynamics and interactions between artists, string players and engineer. Specific micking techniques will be discussed and choice of placement and organization of the session in order to achieve the desired musical and sonic results for the production. We will finish with a Q&A with the participants involved to hear the different perspectives and past experiences in this type of setting.

Earlier Event: November 11
Keynote: Roger Linn