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Blockchain & the Future of Music: What Does it Mean for You?

As more people on earth consume and create media content, a new way of managing your content at a global scale is required. Join Arjun Mendhi in exploring the next-generation of digital media in which every media entity (e.g. a song, video, podcast, photo, etc.) lives, earns and sustains itself autonomously. Investigate how an instantaneous, secure and global media industry of the future consumers and creators is being designed, and how you can be a part of it. The best part is — this is not a pipe dream for the future, this is already here.

Arjun will help you make sense of concepts like blockchain, decentralization, and media autonomy. The talk will follow an ask-me-anything style Q&A. No matter what your background, you will leave this talk with a better appreciation of what the future of the music industry means for you. "

Later Event: November 10
Understanding Your Fans